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Synergo! organizes the Data Management Summit in Bilbao

On October 25th and 26th, Bilbao will host the Data Management Summit (DMS) event at BAT | B Accelerator Tower. The summit will address crucial issues related to data management in public administration and other industrial sectors.

DMS is an exclusive gathering of data management experts, including CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, BI Managers, and Data Scientists, discussing the latest technological trends and use cases. This event focuses on the importance of data interoperability and expects active participation from leading companies and institutions.

Key Topics to be Discussed:

  1. Challenges of Data Interoperability: The event will explore barriers to data sharing among public administrations and strategies to overcome them. Discussions will revolve around the need to cross-reference protected datasets and ensure the quality of exchanged data.
  2. Citizen-Centric Focus: It will analyze how citizen interactions with the government, from tax payments to benefit applications, are linked to efficient data management. The roundtable will examine citizens’ increasing expectations and how emerging technologies can enhance user experiences.
  3. Data Management in the ESG Era: The event will focus on data management in the context of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies. Challenges in aligning ESG data with performance standards will be discussed, along with opportunities arising from robust and transparent regulations.
  4. Breaking Data Silos: Practices to dismantle data silos in less mature organizations will be explored. This includes discussions on changing organizational culture and adopting data governance strategies for more effective cross-domain asset management.
  5. Interactive Group Dynamics: Interactive group dynamics will be the highlight of the event, allowing participants to actively engage and contribute to knowledge exchange. The focus will be on generating practical ideas and solutions for specific challenges in the field of data management.

As a technical event, DMS emphasizes the quality and relevance of participants, ensuring a conducive environment for meaningful idea exchange. Collaboration with DAMA España and the participation of prominent companies and institutions guarantee that the event serves as a valuable source of learning and networking in the data management field.

For more details on how to participate in the event and the profiles admitted, please visit the official event website: Data Management Summit.